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About Lily-Balou

Lily-Balou: a star is born...

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The idea to create Lily-Balou was born in 2008 in Antwerp, the same year that my daughter Manou was born. And what better place than Antwerp, a world-renowned fashion city to create and market a range of trendy baby products for hip mums? What's more, baby carriers are becoming increasingly popular: on the one hand because numerous studies have proven that they are beneficial for babies and on the other hand because they make your life, as a young mother, so much easier. At any rate, I was convinced and I bought a sling soon after my daughter was born. And it met each and every one of my expectations.  My daughter calmed down as soon as I slipped her in it and I loved feeling her close to me and being able to kiss and cuddle her whenever I wanted to! But mothers are women of course, and women enjoy looking good and fashionable as well as being able to show off their baby, right?  So why did nobody think of a baby carrier that was also a fashion accessory, in addition to being useful?  After endless searches I decided to buy some nice fabric myself and with the help of my darling mother-in-law and some experimenting, the first Lily-Balou pouch was created! My daughter fell in love with it on the spot and everywhere we went, people responded with fun comments and compliments. That’s how the idea grew to market these pouches and also to give other mothers the opportunity to carry their babies in a stylish way.

I hope you enjoy your Lily-Balou pouch and that it will enable you to fully enjoy your parenthood and your little treasure!